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The Trailcasters: Now with words.

The Trailcasters: Now with words.


We know what you’re thinking.

Why does a podcast need to write stuff? And what’s with the weird picture?

Let’s start with the chandelier.

I took that picture a few years ago. It’s hanging in the lobby of a big hotel called the Princeville Resort (formerly the St. Regis Princeville) in Kauai, Hawai’i. Couldn’t afford the hotel, but it has some unbelievable views from the restaurant, and the food wasn’t prohibitively expensive.

I totally thought that chandelier looked like an octopus, or a jellyfish, or maybe a bunch of air bubbles. When you stand under it and look up, you feel like you’re underwater facing the sky. It’s pretty bright. Having the camera focus on the bulbs makes everything around it dark and inky.

I’ve always liked that picture.

A year and a half later, I went back. It was after Keith and I started doing the Trailcasters. I was keeping my eye out for pictures like this one:

Basketball hoop at the Waioli Huiia Church in Hanalei, on the island of Kauai, Hawai’i - Brandon Goldner

I was thinking we might be able to use them for our Instagram or something.

Later during the trip, I plugged in my earbuds and recorded a Trailcasters episode with Keith. From my hotel room. While on vacation. In Hawai’i.

If you’re interested, you can scope that episode here. My audio editing wasn’t where it is now, and obviously I didn’t sound so hot recording on a cheap mic. But even in a tropical paradise, I never questioned whether I’d record and edit the podcast.

Because I love doing it. We both do.

To the first question: why would a podcast… WRITE stuff?

The Trailcasters have always been about Blazers fans having fun, and that won’t ever change. Now, we’re more than just a podcast. So we get to have fun in another way.

Maybe someday we’ll have videos! Or more pictures. Or do interpretive dance 💃

Until then, we hope you enjoy the writing and whatever comes next, and thank you for bring a part of it! It’s all of YOU that makes all of THIS fun, and we mean that.

If you wanna chat, click the social icons at the top right; or jam in your email below and we’ll hit you up when we post.

Until then… go Blazers! And thank you again, seriously.

- Brandon

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POD: Jacob Kniffen of The Uncontested on the Russ/PG Trades, the New West + Wheels Retiring, more!